Everything was blue above me. A long and endless sky. Behind me, a dark smoke billowed off of the wreckage of flight D32L. Was I the only survivor? –The Last Writings of Tom Fox

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Run in the Real World ...
... to survive in another!

If there was a mystery, it was how Tom Fox had come to the island. When he turned he spotted a smoking jet engine still spinning in half buried in the sand. All he wanted was to see his family. He got a last minute ticket on a red eye headed back towards Alaska. But alas, he’d never make it.

Firey hot debris rained around him as he took steps further down the beach. Strangely, he saw no dead bodies. No bodies at all as he paced carefully among the wreckage. He looked up at the warm sun, shielding his face with his hand. Tom glanced at his cell phone.

No signal.

Runbinson - Run and Play Survival RPG Game (iOS)

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Runbinson is a survival / fitness / rpg game for the iPhone (iOS).
While you are running you automatically collect resources you need in order to survive!

Runbinson is a running game like no other because it is a combination between a running app and a survival game. You play as Tom Fox in this survival game. You are now stranded on an island and you need to survive as long as possible. There are a lot of things to do if you want to stay alive. Play and run around the island and collect things that are very important for your survival. Each chapter and objective will guide you toward winning this running game.

How it works

Stand up Tom and run!

Whether you go jogging, take a walk in nature, or are on your way to work.

Collect supplies!

While you are running you automatically collect resources that Tom needs in order to survive.


Will you live long enough to leave the island or get saved. Find out!


  • Discover a lot of items and buildings
  • Complete various quest objectives to get deeper into the 10 story chapters
  • Level up your character with every step you take
  • A fitness app, combined with a survival game and rpg elements
  • Hear your own music when you walk, jog, or run. Get status audio updates in the background
  • Walk, jog, or run anywhere
  • Track and store all your running with GPS and view your training progress
  • First-class voice over sounds make the story more intense
  • Beautiful retro graphic style
  • A journey, a challenge, an adventure!

Extended Apple Watch App features

  • Start a new running session directly from your wrist
  • View your resources, status, and other details in real time
  • View recent activity statistics and keep an eye on your actual progress
  • Read the story chapter and get the actual quest objectives
  • Beautiful retro graphic style

New to running? Get started with Runbinson!

This play and run game is a great motivator to make you do your sport training and actually move your body.

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  • "Not alone anymore ..."

    Coco the ape, Islander

  • "Please, help me ..."

    Tom Fox, Islander reluctance